Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rookie games against Nashville will be Sept. 15 and 16

Per the Predators' press release:

Date Opponent Site Time (CT)
Mon, Sept. 14 @ Atlanta Thrashers (Rookie Game) Duluth IceForum 6 pm
Tue, Sept. 15 @ Atlanta Thrashers (Rookie Game) Duluth IceForum Noon

"Rookie" is a bit of a misnomer here, since there aren't enough actual NHL rookies to make two teams. These guys entering pro, and those with a year of pro played. Some junior players too, before they get sent back to their clubs. "Prospect" games would be more accurate.

Last year these games were played in Nashville, at the Sommet Center, which is where the Predators play. Atlanta isn't renting out Philips for it though, opting to play them at the training facility. Note that the times given are Central, so this would be 7 pm and 1pm Eastern.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alumni who are free agents now

The free agent list came out today and there are lots of Thrashers prospect alumni on it, and some alumni of affiliates too. I'll list them alphabetically by former team. These players are free to sign anywhere now. Some might end up in Europe like Mark Popovic did last year.

Chad Painchaud (ANA) -- he was a throw-in to the Mathieu Schneider trade last fall.
Dan Turple (ATL)
Colton Fretter (BUF)
Pascal Pelletier (CHI) - former Gladiator
Adam Berti (CHI) - former Gladiator
Jimmy Sharrow (CHI)
Brent Krahn (DAL) - former Wolf
Kurtis Foster (MIN)
Junior Lessard (NYI)
Derek Nesbitt (PHO) - former Gladiator
Alex Bourret (PHO) -- it will be interesting to see if he even stays in hockey.
Mike Weaver (STL)

The one with the most chance of seeing another NHL contract is Foster.

Pat Dwyer re-signed with Carolina, a two-way contract.