Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alabama-Huntsville hockey on shaky ground after CCHA snub

The closest college hockey to Atlanta, University of Alabama-Huntsville, was looking to join a new conference this summer due to the demise of College Hockey America. They applied for entrance to the CCHA, but were denied, in what was a surprise to most watchers.

This raises the specter that UAH could shut down its hockey program altogether. Yes, the team can play as an independent, but for how long? It's hard to get opponents to fill your home dates.

The Fairbanks Athletic Director give insight into what the issues were, and Mike Eidelbes of Inside College Hockey speculates that maybe they will get together at a later time.

There's a Save UAH Hockey Facebook page if you want to keep up with events and show your support.


Courtney O said...

Thanks for showing the Chargers some love!

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