Thursday, August 14, 2008

My first baseball non-fight

I only go to two or three baseball games a year, so the likelihood of me seeing anything memorable is low. But at tonight's Braves/Cubs game, I saw three rare events: Mark Kotsay hit for the cycle (the first Brave to do so in over 20 years), Jeff Francoeur hit a homerun (the way he's been batting this year that's really something), and a bench-clearing ... um, event.

A Braves batter was hit by a pitch, and walked a few steps and pointed towards the mound to give it to the pitcher. Players converge, the dugout empties onto the field, the umpires run interference, and -- this is the part that got me laughing my ass off -- both bullpens come running in. I think they were just bored. No punches were thrown, everyone stayed on their side of the confrontation line. It was really just a team gathering. All making it, from a hockey person's standpoint, funny enough to be worth the price of admission.

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