Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good peoplewatching at DragonCon

This morning was the DragonCon parade. It's a national sci-fi convention that's held every Labor Day in Atlanta. I don't know what most of the stuff is that they dress up as, but it's good peoplewatching.

Is it just me, or does he look like he's texting?

There's always lots of Stormtroopers.

And a group of Stormtroopers who make their costumes out of boxes, cuz it's funnier that way.

Even the crowd dresses up. This little guy in front of me came as Jango Fett plus bag for candy. The parading Jango Fetts came and high fived him as they walked by. When the Netherworld Haunted House people walked by, a scary guy came over to the boy and yelled "Back in line!" He backed up.

There's always a sizable number of paraders who shouldn't be wearing what they are wearing.

Not all of them though.

Do you think Superman skates? Look at those thighs.

Had to include a shot of those who do skate -- the Atlanta Rollergirls.

None of them beat the best costume from last year. A guy marched who was a dead ringer for George Lucas. He wore jeans, a brown leather jacket, and carried a Starbucks cup. It was hilarious.

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FrenchKheldar said...

Went there this morning, I didn't expect that many people ! Manage to get a spot sitting in the front row, I have lot of pictures to get through now. I'll post them later on flickr... It was fun ! BTW, i think the cardboard stormtroopers are supposed to be LEGO troopers...