Monday, September 1, 2008

Sitko to English Premier League after all

Only because it is after the Gladiators re-signed him for the season do I mention this, but Jon Sitko has signed with Swindon in the English Premier Ice Hockey League (a reorganization of the British Elite League).

CANADIAN Jon Sitko is the final name on the Swindon Wildcats’ roster for the forthcoming English Premier Ice Hockey League season.

Further down, the coach calls the signing a "major coup." I'll let you be the judge there.


Anonymous said...

I have followed Swindon since the Team was set up,not sure if this is a major coup having checked his stats,looks more like an enforcer to me.
Wiltshire boy

Anonymous said...

Sitko has been playing for the Wildcats for 3 league games so far and has proved to be an asset to the team. Two of these games he has been player of the match. Stats aren't everything!