Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy birthday blog

This blog was born a year ago this week, just in time for training camp. I've made 333 posts in that time, just under one per day. In that time, I figured out how to work with photos, and bought a new laptop that has a photo card port, which made for much faster and easier photo posting. I’ve been able to post some other things that wouldn’t have found a home otherwise, like former players’ thoughts on some coaching candidates. Those posts are still popular today.

Fifteen percent of my traffic is from Canada. The next country down is Latvia because of Artie Kulda.

I write about whatever interests me, which is almost never what other media are doing. I hate piling on, and I’m always a fan of the underdog. That’s probably why I like writing about prospects in the first place.

Traffic is good -- for a blog about a niche topic within a niche sport and a team that isn't a big seller. I’m paid more by HF for editing other people’s work than writing about Thrashers prospects, which is a reflection of the audience size for prospects of any one team. I try to talk about more general prospect topics that appeal to a broader audience here too. Please comment on what you'd like to hear more about.

My goal this summer was to not let the number readers drop off, and I’m happy to say that August traffic exceeded May traffic, and July was through the roof, so that goal was thoroughly met. Coming up, I’ll be at Thrashers training camp a good bit, starting with the always interesting opening press conference, as we begin another year. I’m serious about it being interesting, by the way. It’s like the State of the Union address, but for NHL teams. I’ve got my questions typed up already.


Anonymous said...

This Blog may have been only a year old , but only being a hockey fan for 3 years now I love it. This blog is the best info I get about Gwinnett,and other teams, and the players, coaches, And fans. The prospects, info for new fans like me, and just a all around break down of the sport, players and coaches. Again for folks that don't thank you enough, THANK YOU HOLLY !!!

polskidawg said...

Holly - you have always done a great job on HF - I've been a fan for about 4 years. What you provide here is vital to any hockey fan during the late Spring/Summer months!

Rawhide said...

Happy Blog Birthday, Holly!!!! Keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday Holly! Your news and viewpoints are appreciated.

Any news on the status of Painchaud? Thanks in advance.


Holly Gunning said...

Thanks everyone!

Re: Painchaud. I think they'll give him a chance to make the Wolves before any bridges are crossed. There will be a lot of competition for scoring lines -- which doesn't bode well.