Monday, September 15, 2008

Off day at Traverse City

Well, sort of off, they do have a practice in the morning. It might be a little sparse with all the bangs and bruises though.

Bad news: our Rangers reporter Leslie Treff had to leave Traverse City in a health emergency, so no more game summaries. It's frustrating, yes, and I will be the first advocate for redundancy next year. The only good thing I can say is that since I didn't put out my training camp preview yet, I can include Traverse City info in there. I've had it almost done for several days but was sitting on it. I'll continue to blog each day as well -- it's proven very popular. Canadian traffic is up to 30% right now, with what I assume are fans, friends and family of participants.

Here's a report from the Camrose tournament with EDM/CAL/VAN if anyone is interested in that. Little consolation, I know.

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