Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes we have no gas

My uncle called me a couple days ago wondering if it was true that we had a gas shortage in the south. He and my aunt were considering driving down to Memphis. I told him there's gas to be had, but only at like one out of six or seven stations and expect to wait in line. Like I did at the QuikTrip on Sidney Marcus the other day (note line of cars down the street):

I liked what QuikTrip did here, which was to have someone make sure cars go in line and didn't sneak in front. They were also selling their gas for $3.97 when other stations (who had it at least) were charging like $4.29. Bravo, QuikTrip. A couple nights ago I was at a different QuikTrip and it was hopping -- at 4:30 am!

Most places look like this though. No price=no gas.

Alpharetta seems to be the worst place to try to find it. There's more gas in the city than up there.

I do believe it's coming as fast as it can, since there was a gas tanker riding my tail on the way back from Nashville, but it's just not enough.

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dj4aces said...

I work in the Fountain Oaks shopping center in Sandy Springs, and the Kroger gas station there either has no gas, or a line of cars spilling out onto Roswell Rd. One day, the lines were so bad that I had to cross two lanes of traffic to board the MARTA bus.

The lack of fuel, as well as the cost of fuel, is the reason I stopped driving shortly after Katrina happened, and I live in Jonesboro!