Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still without signed contracts

It's Sept. 4, and if you're a hockey player and don't have a contract yet, it's time to be concerned. There are some guys who control their own destiny, like Mats Sundin and Mike Vigilante (who I expect an announcement on soon). But there are other guys, like Brad Schell, who would probably like to be in a better situation than they are right now.

Other familiar names still without contracts: Guillaume Desbiens, Craig Kowalski (G), Morgan Cey (G) (Update: Cey signed in CHL on 9/5, Mike Hamilton with ECHL Las Vegas). Ryan Munce (G) comes to mind too, but he's more obscure to readers of this blog.

Youngish guys without contracts who played games at the NHL level last year, with age:
Tomas Plihal, 24
Matthew Spiller, 24
Brandon Nolan, 24
Rob Globke, 25
Karl Stewart, 24


Anonymous said...

Out of the names you have posted, Gwinnett needs Vig, Schell, Debiens, K-Wal, And Hamilton. And would have loved to seen K-Wal & Cey in the net. WE NEED ALL BACK WITH US AT GWINNETT. Please keep us updated with the latest news. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton is with Vegas.

thepirate said...

is the vig coming back, has anyone heard anything?