Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scraps from Nashville prospects game

Last week on Project Runway, one of the contestants was chastised by the judges for putting a photographer in a dress. Too impractical. That seemed reasonable to me at the time, but I had no story or image to go with it in my mind. Now I do.

At warm-ups in Nashville for the prospects game, I got some shots down at the Predators end first. That side was easy, there was a small step down into the photo area from the stands. Halfway through, I switched sides to the Thrashers end. At that end, there is a four-foot drop from the stands into the photo area. I had to jump down, with the polite help of the guy from The Tennessean. Then, to get out, I had to crawl under the stands. Crawl. I had my trusty go-anywhere black pants on, so I was fine, but I now understand precisely what those judges were saying.

Here's a few more of the hard-gotten photos.

Paul Postma. He made some bad mistakes, but he's got a lot going for him with his skating and puckhandling. His defense will only get better with experience. He made it to his game tonight in Calgary, by the way.

Artie Kulda. He was probably the team's best defenseman.

Angelo Esposito making a face. He makes lots of faces I've noticed. He and Jordan LaVallee.

Correction on when fighting teammates in practice becomes funny. Make that 'immediately' to Esposito, Machacek's locker room neighbor. He got a little chuckle out of it.

View of the bench from above.

I was going to applaud the fact that there's music constantly playing at the main intersection in Nashville, how fun it makes it after dark. But then this happened... Leaving the arena on Tuesday, walking back to the car, the speakers outside the convention center were playing Rick Astley's Together Forever. Not cool, Nashville.

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You've been Rick Rolled!