Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prospect games photos (Atlanta at Nashville)

Here are a few photos from the prospects game against Nashville today before I get on the road back to Atlanta.

Kaip and Kulda at warmup.

Grant Lewis was ready for a national anthem that didn't come. He thinks his hair is really short right now. Whatever.


Danick Paquette and Kelsey Wilson. Two players of the same ilk.

Paul Postma wants to be out there all the time.

Lewis coming to the bench.

Kaip in motion.

Denny, Esposito and Pospisil return to the bench.

Chris Carrozzi takes a water break.

Jon Blum and Cody Franson. What is Postma doing down in the corner? This is during the game, so he's not stretching.

There were lots of schoolkids at this game. Dan Turple checks out the action. That's Jason Christie next to him.

One of several scrums. Mark Santorelli said that the players were told they weren't allowed to fight in the game. They got about as close as you can get though. I asked Santorelli about Myles Stoesz, who he played with in Chilliwack, specifically about his skating. Santorelli said Stoesz didn't even look like the same player now.


Anonymous said...

His hair is wicked short. Are you kidding me?

Oh, and did we score any goals in this game? Allow any?



Holly Gunning said...


The score and stats weren't terribly reflective of what happened, nor do they count.

Don't be a stranger, Blots.