Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Going to the Dome

This weekend I'm going to my first NFL game in Atlanta. I believe I was at an NFL game, the Steelers, when I was little. I asked my Dad about it recently to be sure, and he didn't think I had. But I now weight my own memory ahead of his, and I'll demonstrate why.

Here's an excerpt from an actual conversation with my dad, from when I brought my significant other home to visit for the second time. Dad asked significant other when his birthday is, and was told it's six months from his own.

Dad: Oh, that should be easy to remember.
Me: That's what you said last time.

So, you see why vague remembrances of yellow and black are what I'm going with. I have been to the Georgia Dome, just once, since I've lived here. That was for the U2 Pop tour -- ages ago. So I'm mildly excited about going, just for the spectacle.

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