Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008 Traverse City tourney games will be shown on NHL Network

Tape-delayed, but it's the first hockey of the new season, so I bet there will be a decent audience.

Here a link to the NHL Network TV schedule that lists them.

The Thrashers games that are on the schedule right now are the ones against the Lightning and the Red Wings. The gold medal and third place games will also be shown. The schedule may not all be up yet, but here's when you can set your TiVo/DVR for right now (earliest viewings):
Monday, Sept. 15 at 2am vs. Lightning (edit: now 8pm on Sun the 14th too).
Wednesday, Sept. 17th at 10pm vs. Red Wings.

For a lot of these kids, I'm sure it will be the first time their games are on TV. Nationwide to boot. Personally I'm even more interested in the other teams than the Thrashers, since it's a rare occasion to get to compare the pools of each team (partial pools, as every team only has juniors and rookie pros).

In other news, Danick Paquette was named captain of his Q team. Hopefully it will calm him down some.

The most noticeable change for Paquette will likely come in the number of penalties he takes and in which situations.

At least, that's the plan.

"He will still take some ill-advised penalties," [Maineiacs' Head Coach and GM Ed] Harding conceded. "That's the nature of the way he plays. When you have players like that, you're going to be in the penalty box a few times, but he understands he has to do a better job of picking his spots, and he did that at the end of last season ... His big thing was, he thought every NHL scout wanted to see him blast someone through the boards. The fact that he's realized differently also shows me some maturity."

Also, the blog thanks you for all the kind words on the occasion of its birthday. Cheers.

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toph2o said...

NHL Network's online schedule currently shows the Thrashers vs Lightning game as first being broadcast Sunday at 8p EST, a little better time for many folks. :)