Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Helenius and Sharrow find new homes

The Tampa Bay Lightning found a home for one of their ECHL prospects: Riku Helenius has been assigned to the Mississippi Sea Wolves. Room for Helenius opened up because their No. 1 goaltender, Ryan Munce, has been called up to Syracuse.

Tampa had called most teams in the ECHL's American Conference looking for a place to put their guys after Augusta folded, which makes this statement by Mississippi coach Steffon Walby amusing. Does he really believe this, or is it for the benefit of the readers?

"We've had a good relationship with Tampa Bay. It speaks leaps and bounds of the Mississippi Sea Wolves program and the Gulf Coast. NHL teams don't put high end draft picks just anywhere."

Helenius is supposed to be a bit better than his numbers in Augusta show, so it will be interesting to see if he can rebound. Also interesting will be what happens if Munce comes back down.

The Sea Wolves were affiliated with Tampa Bay last year. This year they are affiliated with Philadelphia and have goaltender Jeremy Duchesne assigned to them. His numbers are about as bad as they get, with a .859 save percentage.

In other news, former Thrashers prospect Jimmy Sharrow was traded for a second time to the Blackhawks for a conditional 2009 draft pick. Ouch. From the Winnipeg Sun:

The offensive defenceman had five goals and 22 points in 44 games last season but had seen his role reduced this season and was a healthy scratch in six of Manitoba's 23 games.

"We butted heads along the way, but he's got an opportunity with another organization and hopefully he can make the most of it," said Moose head coach Scott Arniel. "He played some good hockey for us, but I was expecting a little more from him offensively. Sometimes it's a fit and a feel and how you play with the opportunity you're given.

"He's got a big shot and you see it a lot in practice. But you get into a game and it didn't translate into the offence that we need."

Sharrow is one in a long list of fruitless Thrashers QMJHL draft picks. Alex Bourret, Guillaume Desbiens, Chad Denny, Jordan LaVallee, Carl Mallette, Simon Gamache. Not a single Atlanta pick out of that league is now in the NHL, for any team.


Werewolverine said...

\\a long list of fruitless Thrashers QMJHL draft picks.//

And yet undrafted (former Gwinnett Gladiators player) Pascal Pelletier is now playing for his second NHL team in as many years.

He wasn't good enough to be signed by Don WaddAHL?

I'm not sure I believe that.

logan said...

Is Cape Breton still in the QMJHL? Because Ondrej Pavelec was drafted out of their, and he's in the NHL.

Holly Gunning said...

It is still in the league, yes, but Pavelec was not drafted out of their [sic]. He was drafted out of the Czech junior league.