Thursday, December 18, 2008

Howdy from San Antonio

It's second intermission of Wolves vs. Rampage part 1 for the weekend. Why am I in San Antonio? Well, last time I went to Chicago in mid-April, the weather was just ridiculous. I had to pull my heavy winter coat out of storage, and as forecast, it snowed. This year I decided there had to be a warmer way. And Texas is largely unexplored territory for me. Tomorrow's forecast is for 80 degrees. I had to dig out my summer clothes instead of my winter ones for the trip, and I didn't bring a coat at all. Huzzah.

Thrashers Assistant GM Larry Simmons is here at the arena too, it was through him that I heard about Scott Lehman getting the call-up to the big club. Too bad that this is only Grant Lewis' second game back from injury, and Artie Kulda isn't quite back yet, or they would have gotten the call. Kulda (high ankle sprain) may play tomorrow.

Check out these hilarious bathroom signs here at the AT&T Center (home of the NBA Spurs). Including the bit around the legs.

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Werewolverine said...

You're in San Antonio when Scotty Lehman got called up to the Thrashers?


Say "hello" to Derek Nesbitt if you get the chance...he's still got a lot of fans back in Gwinnett.