Friday, December 19, 2008

Notes from Wolves morning skate

Sorry for the delay, I had to go see the Alamo. It's very pleasant outside today in San Antonio, though quite humid. If I'm wearing sandals in December I'm not complaining.

Here's the AT&T Center. I took a bus there this morning, which was very easy thanks to the concierge at my hotel. By the way, the weekend before Christmas is an excellent time to get a good deal on hotels.

Who's leading this bunch? (That's a short assistant coach jab).

Head coach Don Granato didn't come out on the ice. He had individual video sessions in the locker room with players to go over tape from last night. He's a big believer in video.

Smurf (Jason Christie) emerges from the crowd.

Artie Kulda and his whispy mustache. When I saw him with it, I asked him if he was getting ready for playoffs already. He said no, he lost in shootouts in practice so he has to grow a mustache for a month. It's been since Nov. 22. I told him that in Gwinnett the loser, "juice boy," has to wear a yellow helmet and pass out gatorade to his teammates. He said in response that he's "mustache boy." He hates it and wouldn't let me take a portrait of him with the mustache in the hall, so the above is the best I've got. I think mustache boy is a worse punishment than juice boy because you have it outside the rink too.

I asked Kulda if there were any good stories from this year yet. He smiled a tiny bit and said no. I asked if he'd tell me if there were. He smiled more and said no. I knew that would be the answer. He's cagey at times. He's always very helpful though too, going and getting whoever I need.

Here's Chad Denny talking to former teammate and former Thrashers prospect Alex Bourret. Denny said they call each other "Steve" and couldn't explain why. This doesn't make much sense, but that's par for the course.

Bourret stayed out really long after his teammates came off, which makes me think he'll be a scratch tonight. Staying out a long time for the Wolves were Denny and Siddall. Grant Lewis did not skate, but it was optional. After last night's game he said he took some hits and felt fine.

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Werewolverine said...

"Mustache Boy" must be all the rage in the minors these days...with the Gwinnett Gladiators that poor soul is Jordan Fox. You've not seen a wispy mustache that creepy since the days of Larry Bird. Heinous.