Sunday, September 16, 2007

Injury update -- Lewis and Painchaud

First, the good news. Grant Lewis has been seeing the team trainer and massage therapist for his hip issue, is feeling much better and hopes to be back on the ice tomorrow (Monday).

"It's feeling much better today, actually," he said. "Each day of rest it's getting better. I originally hurt it out in Traverse City, they say I was just overusing my hip. I had a slight groin pull and my hip was compensating. In Traverse City, we skated quite a bit so it was just being overused. The last couple days just resting it, it's really loosened up. I'm hoping to get back on the ice tomorrow.

"All the tissue kind of tightened up as the body reacted to it. I've been seeing the masseuse and he's loosened up the tissue in there. Two days ago I couldn't even lift my hip. Yesterday I didn't do the off-ice workout, he just wanted me to take the day off and rest. But I'll be in the gym today."

Lewis said he had had groin pulls other years when he first got on the ice as well, but nothing too serious.

Meanwhile, Chad Painchaud has an MCL strain in his left knee, also suffered at Traverse City, which will keep him out about two or three weeks. He said it happened as he went to hit someone and his back leg got caught in the ice a bit. Often when you ask a player to tell you what happened on a play, they will reinact it for you. Not so with Painchaud, which showed the kind of pain he's still in. He's also showing a limp when he walks.

He said the first few days was mostly just icing it, but yesterday he did a couple exercises like step-ups. He's been told it will be two to three weeks before he can skate again. He just got fitted for a brace, which he'll wear when he skates, probably for months afterward. Chicago Wolves camp starts on the 22nd, so he'll still be rehabbing at that point.

In early 2006, Painchaud injured his right knee, also an MCL. He said of this current injury, "I don't think it's as bad. That's good. The one a couple years ago, I had a big charleyhorse too around the knee, but this one is strictly the MCL. I'll rehab and it will be fine."

Painchaud explained the proper treatment for this injury. "The most important thing is the first three days where it needs rest. It need to get tight, so you can loosen it back up. If you strain it and keep it loose, then it will always be loose and you have problems. It just needs good rest and you're good."

I kidded him that he was becoming a real expert on MCL injuries. He said, "Oh I know a little bit," laughing.

Is he disappointed in this kind of start to the season? "Yeah, definitely," he said. "I felt pretty good in Traverse City, I thought I was playing well. But it's just part of the game and I just have to move forward."


Jenn said...

Holly - thanks for all these updates! You are doing a great job!


toph2o said...

Think this pretty much locks Painchaud into Gwinnett, at least to start the season?

Holly Gunning said...

Tough call on Painer. By the time he comes back, maybe someone else is hurt so he takes their spot. But by the same token, I'm not sure if a good showing in a five-day tournament was enough to dig himself out of the hole he was in last year. I feel bad for him, but if he gets sent down, he needs to look at himself and what he should have done last year to prevent that.