Sunday, September 23, 2007

Young guys told to show an attitude

Today's practice was just the young guys, with the vets getting a day off (gym workout only).
Hartley started off the session with a 10-minute serious talk about wanting to see an attitude from them. He named Bryan Little ("Lits" as he calls him) as an example of someone who really needs to do this. He's "too polite," Hartley said. He needs to show some cockiness and grab a spot.

Afterward it was a pretty light practice, a "walk in the park" as Hartley described. There were lots of defensive drills, covering your point man, muscling in towards the net, forechecking and stripping the puck from the opponent.

lt. blue: Stuart - Little - Sterling - LaVallee
red: Thornburn - Haydar - Dupuis
grey: Popovic - Valabik
yellow: Pilar - Enstrom - Kwiatkowski
goalies: Lehtonen - Pavelec

Nathan Oystrick and Jason Krog did not take part, as they were part of a cut today that also included Alexandre Giroux and Milan Bartovic.

Tomorrow is the golf tournament so there is no practice. Kari Lehtonen may play Tuesday, but not the entire game. Maybe a period or period and a half. Today he and Ondrej Pavelec did a lot of individual work with coach Steve Weeks.

Slava Kozlov will play Tuesday, Brad Larsen is improving and is now in the gym.

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