Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thrashers at Predators (9/20/07)

Greetings from Nashvegas, one of my favorite cities to visit. Warmups just ended, and it was surprising to see both Kevin Doell and Darren Haydar warming up. The names and numbers look smaller on these new jerseys, I guess there is less surface area to work with. It's not good for those of use watching from the rafters though -- which is no exaggeration as there is actually a rafter that begins below my eye level. Good thing I always pack binoculars.

Starting lineup is McCarthy - Enstrom
Dupuis - Holik - LaVallee

Also playing:Kwiatkowski, Krog, Pilar, Giroux, Oystrick, Stuart, Valabik, Thorburn, Boulton, Little, Sterling, Brathwaite

1st intermission: Hmm, the shots are even (9-9), but it seems like Nashville has been in control a lot more. The Oystrick-Valabik pairing is really struggling to get the puck out of their end -- the Predators get set up on the cycle and they can't break it up. Oystrick was sort of between guys when the goal against was scored.

Other items, Steve Weeks could be spotted coaching LaVallee to be more aggressive on a play, using his fist to illustrate. Sterling and Stuart discussed strategy. Enstrom looks quite good, but I'll elaborate on that more later.

2nd intermission: Well I don't think you could argue too hard against someone who said that Enstrom is the team's best defenseman tonight. He's looked better than adequate, he's been solid in all areas. Great anticipation of where the puck is going, has been holding the zone, and I even saw him throw a hit.
Very nice goal by Sulzer, he's on my watch list. Quick release. The puck changed direction right in front -- must have hit a Thrasher skate. Wasn't Pavelec's fault for sure. The best line tonight may be the Boulton - Doell - Thorburn line.

Now in goal to start 3rd: Brathwaite.


Malin said...

Nice to hear Enström is doing well! Thanks for keeping us swedes updated. I'm off to bed now, it in the middle of the night over here.

Liberation said...

Excellent. Thanks for the Enstrom coverage, Holly. :D Good to hear that he's doing well.