Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gladiators photos

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Now, on to some extra photos I took during last night's rematch between the Reading Royals and Gwinnett Gladiators.

First is coach Jeff Pyle, with Chad Denny sitting in front of him.

Chad Denny at warmups. He said he only practiced one day with the team (Thursday) before this weekend's games. He also said he has no problem switching back and forth between forward and D, he's very used to it by now. Personally, when I've been forced to switch back and forth, I've been known to clear the puck in the wrong direction. A true but embarrassing story.

Ervins Mustukovs looks a lot like Matt Damon, no?

And Reading's equipment guy looks like movie villain Alan Rickman (of Die Hard, Harry Potter fame).

Quick, what movie did Matt Damon and Alan Rickman appear in together?

The correct answer is Dogma (1999), directed by Kevin Smith. A fine flick if you haven't seen it. The official plot outline "The last known descendant of Christ is called upon to save the existence of humanity from being negated by two renegade angels trying to exploit a loophole." I know, it's been done to death, but this time it's done right.

Some fun bench shots. Pyle, Cam Brown -- "Browntown" as Jeff has taken to calling him lately -- and Hoops. Look at Cam's arm. It looks like he's coaching a fight.

A flurry of sticks and helmets. The old guy isn't actually on the bench. But he has a good seat.

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