Saturday, October 13, 2007

Photos of your 2007-08 Gwinnett Gladiators

Since only one player will need to be cut before the opening day roster, essentially what you see here is what the Gladiators will be starting the season with. Coach Jeff Pyle said he'd make his one cut probably on Monday. He thinks there may be a couple more coming from Chicago (a D and an F maybe), but hasn't heard for sure.

Jersey colors today (pay no attention to the order of names)
Red: Myles Stoesz - Bryson Busniak - Jeff Campbell
Green: Mike Hamilton - Andy Brandt
Blue: Stuart MacRae - Ryan Walsh - Derek Nesbitt
Yellow: Dirk Southern - Lou Dickenson - Mike Vigilante
Burgundy (D): Jim Jackson, Jeff Mason, Dinos Stamoulis, Jamie Milam

Notice only four defensemen, including JMo, who is supposed to be playing forward this year. There's been a rash of injuries/health issues on D. Jon Awe's toe is infected -- they had to open it up and then give him stitches. Ryan Mahrle was sick today (was there in street clothes later), and both Bill LeClerc and Jon Sitko have bad groins. They also did not play on Thursday in the preseason game.

Word is that last year's MVP Brad Schell signed a PTO with Providence, but he's currently injured so he's not playing.

I had a good day with the camera I think. The first one I believe is Dirk Southern in yellow, and that's Stamoulis kneeling with the mouthguard.

Turps, Hoops, and Brownie. Hoops (equipment manager) got put to work double duty during camp.

Vig and Stamoulis together.

Pyle and Hamilton in the foreground, K-Wal in the background.

New head athletic trainer Dani Ellis looks on.

Stoesz waiting his turn for a drill.
Turps drawfs Hoops. The perspective here distorts of course, but that's part of the fun.

K-Wal hiding...with Hamilton beside him.

Skating drills.

Turps, a tall drink of water himself, takes a drink of water.

Below, you can almost hear Cam Brown and Hoops discussing Brownie's stick.

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