Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shooting down the Anderson idea

I'm not quite sure the genesis of it, but several people have floated Chicago Wolves coach John Anderson's name today as a potential replacement for Bob Hartley. I'll go on record as saying that I find it much more likely that Wolves GM Kevin Cheveldayoff would be hired by the Thrashers organization in some capacity down the road than Anderson. Chevy is the guy "driving the bus" so to speak in Chicago's success, and has recently drawn NHL interest. Anderson usually has a lot of talent to work with, with one reason being that Chicago outspends most teams (no salary cap in the AHL). Add to that the fact that Hartley and Anderson are a little too close in approach to make for a fresh change.

I'd be happy to admit I'm wrong if it came to pass, but I don't think there's much chance of Anderson in Atlanta.

Edit to add: The research of ESPN's Scott Burnside (an Atlanta resident) brings him to the same conclusion.

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Maal said...

When we first heard his name mentioned, we were pretty high on the idea. However, having done more research into it, we're digging Randy Cunneyworth (from the Amerks) a lot more. We'll do a post later today detailing the "top choices" (by internet gossip no less) for replacement, but we're glad to read your post.

Also, we'll be linking you from our blog shortly!