Thursday, January 15, 2009

Changes, maybe a new bookmark

Over at HFBoards, I posted a notice that I’m moving on from covering Thrashers prospects at Hockey’s Future to more general topics in prospect development. Change is in the air, and this is a happy one.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, it was always meant as a complement to what I was writing about for HF, so since I won’t often be working on Thrasher prospect topics, I won’t often post on the blog. I figure that occasionally I’ll post things I happen across that would be relevant, some notes on prospect alumni, maybe a touch of local hockey, and out of a sense of justice, efforts to seek truth when all that’s coming out is spin and well, lies. Not to put too fine a point on it.

I’ve created a new blog to complement my broader prospect topics. If you like prospects as a general thing, I invite you to read it. If you’re only interested in the Thrashers though, you probably won’t dig it. Maybe just do an RSS feed and if there’s a title that interests you, great. I was always taught to under-promise and over-deliver, so I'm not going to try to sell it to you. There are other blogs that self-promote and then when you click over it's disappointing. And some of them do it for a living.

To Gwinnett Gladiator fans, the accidental audience, first thanks for reading. I’ll still be covering NHL prospects in the ECHL, so you may still find things that interest you, but they’ll likely be on the other blog. Teddy Bear Toss photos will be here though (to me that's more about local hockey.)

The Teddy Bear Toss a load of fun for those who haven’t seen it. And it’s coming right up, Saturday night at 7:05. Bring a stuffed animal, or several, to throw. I actually made a stop to get some TBT material today, but came up empty-handed.


Anonymous said...

OK so for Gwinnett fans this is still the blog for us? Because I love the info we get here for own local boys. Holly please don't leave us with no Glads news. See everyone out for the Teddy Bear Toss, bring a friend and extra bears.

Holly Gunning said...

I understand why you're confused about where to look for info, because Gladiators doesn't fit well into either category. When I am working on guys in the ECHL with NHL contracts, it will go on my new blog. But occasionally there might be something about a former Thrashers prospect on this blog that you would be interested in. Teddy Bear Toss will be here.