Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kennesaw State buys land capable of housing hockey arena

You may remember back in 2005 there was talk that Kennesaw State University would add Division I hockey as a sport. They would have played at Philips Arena temporarily until they built an arena. The University of Alabama-Huntsville would be a natural rival. But adding hockey didn't work out at that time and they continue with just a club hockey team.

About a year ago I heard from someone involved with that club team that starting DI hockey was back on the table as Kennesaw was acquiring land on which an arena could be built and working on re-zoning. I've kept my eye on this since then, and finally today something came out on it.

Within the last year, the KSU Foundation has cobbled together 88 acres between I-75 and I-575 and below Chastain Road. At least seven soccer-sized athletic fields will be laid out along with a track and restrooms.

A jogging trail will encircle a 10-acre lake. Intramural and club teams, including lacrosse, rugby and flag football, will use the fields.

Wesley Wicker, executive director of the KSU Foundation, said a minimum 2,500-seat soccer stadium also will be built. It could be expanded to handle 7,500 spectators.

Wicker added that the site could accommodate another stadium — for football.

KSU is considering adding the big-dollar, high-profile sport.

Hockey isn't mentioned in the article, but that doesn't mean it isn't in the master plan. We'll see what it looks like next month.


Anonymous said...

The land is not for a new hockey rink. Kennesaw State is not interested in DI hockey. Where would you get an idea like that. Bill Morrison? now that's a creditable source...haha

Holly Gunning said...

I don't know who Bill Morrison even is.

Anonymous said...

KSU is in the perfect location for a NCAA hockey program. Look at all the players that come out of Atlanta, it is a recruiter's dream. Look at the players TPH had produced. Jon Kaminski, Drew Slaton, Daniel Brousard, Vinny Saponari, and Nic Dowd. Not to mention a junior team, the Atlanta Knights. Whose home rink is located no farther then 20 minutes away from KSU, at the most. And the top scorers I the High School league(GSHL), Adam Wilcox and Michael Healy. The point is that there is so much talent in the local metro Atlanta area that in 5 years KSU could be a NCAA I program.