Sunday, January 11, 2009

This and that

Just a few things that aren't quite worth an entire post for.

1. A well-respected sports publication is going to move into hockey in a few days/weeks. I'm not at liberty to give any details right now, but it's something people have been wanting and waiting for. I feel lucky to have a small role lined up with it -- a prospects angle, naturally.

2. With all praises to the original Big and Little Balls of Hate, I hereby dub Nicklas Lasu the Swedish Meatball of Hate. That came out of my mouth in conversation the other day and I'll now stake a claim to it. For those not familiar, he's a 2008 pick who is meaner than he is tall. Well, for a Swede, who are usually not mean and on the tall side.

3. I've had a lot of traffic coming from Winnipeg lately, thanks to the photos I posted of the Thrashers attendance. Jets fans smelled blood in the water. You can't pick your audience I guess. (Stream of consciousness moment: Winnipeg is one of the very few words I have trouble spelling. I learned to spell Winnebago before I learned Winnipeg, so to me it should have two Es.)

4. Speaking of both attendance and blood in the water, regarding my post on Setoguchi, a Sharks fan wrote in response, "I guess we should thank the Thrashers fans for Setoguchi. All five of them." Touche.

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