Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peverley claimed off waivers by Thrashers

The Tennessean is reporting that the Thrashers have claimed Rich Peverley from the Predators.

Four years ago Peverley was a rookie in the ECHL, and after watching him play two shifts, you could see he didn't belong there. I interviewed him in January 2005 when he wasn't under contract with anyone but South Carolina, and have followed his career ever since. I remember talking to him very well -- that was the night I got into it with the Show Pro who wanted to try to tell me where to stand in the hall. Dustin Bixby intervened, saying I could stand wherever I chose, and could do snow angels in the hallway if I wanted. Someday I may take him up on that.

Having been in Milwaukee, he was an all too often opponent for the players who were on the Wolves.

I found a couple photos with Peverley in them that I took during 2008 preseason. He wore #37, which obviously is going to change when he joins the Thrashers. That was Dan Snyder's number, and off-limits.


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