Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2008 Thrashers Prospect Camp roster

So, here are the names of the prospects who will be at camp next week. I'll break them down by level so you know who to focus on -- a depth chart of sorts.

Pro experience in NA (from most to least):
Chad Painchaud, F - he's played two full years pro
Grant Lewis, D
Myles Stoesz, F
Chad Denny, D
Arturs Kulda, D - he played junior last year, but so much in the playoffs for the Wolves it seemed like a whole season.

Turning pro this year:
Riley Holzapfel, F
Spencer Machacek, F
Zach Bogosian, D (maybe)
Rylan Kaip, F
Matt Siddall, F -- turning pro assuming someone signs him. He has no more college eligibility.

Angelo Esposito, F
Paul Postma, D
Danick Paquette, F
Chris Carrozzi, G

John Albert, F
Vinny Saponari, F
Zach Redmond, D
Will O'Neill, D
Mike Forney, F -- he goes here rather than miscellaneous, but he's going back to the USHL.

Jonas Enlund, F
Nicklas Lasu, F
Niclas Lucenius, F

Free agent invitees
Spencer Anderson, F (yes this is still John Anderson's son)
Scott Bartlett, F
Cody Crighton, F
Victor Saponari, F
Mark Thorburn, F
Patrick Cusack, D
Scott Marchesi, D
Ryan Daniels, G
Wylie Rogers, G
Dan Rosen, G

A few comments. The most surprising two names on the list for me were Grant Lewis and Arturs Kulda. Kulda played so late into the summer that he wouldn't be required to come to camp, and I'm surprised he's up for it physically and mentally. Lewis didn't play much in the playoffs, but he's past the point of being pressured to come, so he must have wanted to. He told me last year that he likes to get out of Pittsburgh to train because it keeps him more focused, so it makes sense to come to the camp.

Gladiators coach Jeff Pyle isn't part of the coaching staff this year, so he won't be around for Chad Painchaud to have "philosophical differences" with. Speaking of Gladiators, Scott Marchesi joined the team at the end of his college days last year. He's the oldest of all the players at 25, but he's surprisingly good defensively. Note that Myles Stoesz was drafted in 2005, not 2007 as it said on the release. And speaking of corrections, Machacek's stats are listed for Riley Holzapfel. Holzapfel played for Moose Jaw and had a down year, actually.
Yes there will be posts about camp next week. How in-depth they are will depend on what I feel like writing, and how interested people seem in reading about it. So if you have a particular interest, you might want to express that now.

Meanwhile, it seems like a lot of people are looking for a list of AHL free agents. I'll try to put something together. It won't be comprehensive, but rather a few guys I think are worthwhile.

Goaltender Peter Mannino signed by the Islanders? I'm monitoring that situation.


Anonymous said...

Matt Siddall is listed..What is his status? Will he play in Gwinnett next season?

Holly Gunning said...

Siddall's status -- limbo. From what I've gathered, the Thrashers don't seem likely to sign him. I don't think you'll see him in either Chicago or Gwinnett either. I was surprised to see his name on the list.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys have know of a numerical list anymore for the upcoming prospects camp?

If so, could you email me at jayrox28 at


Holly Gunning said...

Typically they don't have the numbers ready until the first day of camp. Have to see what size jersey fits everyone. I'll post the numbers after the first day.

Mountainboy said...

Miss Gunning, Im interested in your take on Myles Stoesz. Ive read that he is not close to NHL ready yet, but do you think he could make the jump to the AHL next season?

Also, will Rylan Kaip make the AHL? Im not sure of his readiness.

And finally, I would be very interested to hear what you have to say about Angelo Esposito. I understood from a previous post of yours that the Wolves liked him, and Ive read here and elsewhere that he likely wont make the NHL, and only for a few games if he does. Do you think he will make the AHL?

Im much closer to Atlanta, but unless Im mistaken, those three will have to go through Chicago to get to Atlanta, and I enjoy reading your blog and your column at Hockey's Future. Also, having covered them at HF, youre probably one of the best sources. Has much changed from their profiles over at HF regarding the 08-09 season?

Holly Gunning said...

Stoesz would be best served by another year in the ECHL. Remember, he was scratched in the playoffs. He needs to solidify himself at this level before moving up.

Kaip may make the AHL, he plays a pro-ready game. It really depends on who else they have as checkers.

Esposito cannot play in the AHL next year, he's too young. He'll almost certainly be in junior all year. The following year he'll probably be with the Wolves.

Summertime is the time to work on profiles, but that's only just begun.

Mountainboy said...

Id forgotten that Espo was too young to play AHL. I was mostly unaware, or at least had forgotten, that Stoesz was scratched during the playoffs (although now I recall you mentioning it during the post which had his undefeated shoes). Any particular area(s) of his game that Stoesz needs to work on?

Holly Gunning said...

Skating, skating, skating. He knows this and is working with a private skating coach this summer back home.

Mountainboy said...

Thanks Miss Gunning. I read over at HF that the so-called biggest concern of his attitude problems were blown way out of proportion, but Id been unable to find what was really holding him back.

He has a D over there for likelihood of reaching his potential, would he still be considered a D or would he be more like a C or a B now?

Don said...

Holly - was Alex Kangas invited to prospect camp? If not, do you have any idea why not?

Holly Gunning said...

Stoesz has never had attitude problems, you must be thinking of someone else. He still has a low likelihood of making it. Skating is hard to fix. Unless perhaps you were talking about Esposito again.

Holly Gunning said...

I'm sure Kangas was invited. There's no reason he wouldn't be. Remember these college guys have to pay their own way so not all come. It's not unusual.

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly, i am really interested in finding out how the 3 Euro prospects do in the camp. So i would be very interested in hearing reports on them. Thanks for the work.

Mountainboy said...

Yes, I meant Esposito again when I was asking what he needed to work on. Sorry about that. What holds Esposito back? Hes the one I was thinking of when I was thinking about attitude being exaggerated.

Holly Gunning said...

Well, it would be hard not to say that Espo has plateaued. He went from being head and shoulders above everyone else as a teenager, to just another prospect. There's probably not just one reason for that. Usually it's a mixture of things.

Mountainboy said...

Makes sense (about Esposito). Im still new to a lot of the finer points of hockey, but Im trying to catch up. Thanks, Miss Gunning.