Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prospect camp photos -- Day 2

Words will come in a separate post, here are some photos for now.

Team Blue gathers for some drills. #41 is Jonas Enlund.

Coach Anderson at the board. He's a lot neater than Bob Hartley in drawing things. But that's not hard.

The very blond Paul Postma.

A smiling Spencer Machacek.

Nicklas Lasu and Enlund.

Riley Holzapfel.

Mike Forney.

Angelo Esposito, chomping on his mouth guard as usual.

A very unflattering photo of Esposito. Vic Saponari, Vinny's brother, is behind him. These three should team up for a mafia flick.

Enlund, next to Anderson.

John Albert, out of OSU, who I interviewed today. He looks very good.

Rylan Kaip takes a rest as the world whizzes by. He probably needs that rest, he's been a busy guy lately.

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The Falconer said...

Paul Postma has the hair for a Niko Kapanen look alike contest.