Thursday, July 24, 2008

Todd Nelson in Thrashers blue (photos)

Since I may be the only person who has taken photos of Todd Nelson in Thrashers colors, I'll go ahead and post them. All are from the recent prospect camp here in Atlanta.

It was not only Anderson's comment during prospect camp that made me think Nelly would get the job, but also the way he was pressing the flesh among the staff. "Hi I'm Todd Nelson and I'm running for assistant coach." I would only add that Nelly has always been very pleasant to me both in Chicago and Atlanta, even when he wasn't running for anything.

Nelson giving tips to Will O'Neill (48) and Zach Bogosian. Nelly was a defenseman in his day, so it's likely he'll continue to specialize there.

Nelson with Wolves coach Wendall Young.

Nelson in goal. Sort of.

With the name on the back.

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