Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prospect camp bowling title on the line: Lewis vs. Albert

This was too funny to hide at the bottom of a more serious post, so I'll pull it out on its own.

Today I was talking to John Albert, and at the end of a pretty serious interview, I asked what fun activities they had planned for the guys as a lead-in to what I was pretty sure would be a interest of his. He said he didn't know, but that the track at 7:30am tomorrow morning wasn't it.

I mentioned that usually they go out for some fun, and there's bowling involved. "Really?" he perked up. I said being from Cleveland, he was probably a good bowler (we're both grew up near to Akron, Ohio, once the bowling capital of the world). "Oh yeah, I love bowling," he said emphatically. "If we went bowling, that'd be great." He said he has about a 180 average, which is solid. I told him that Grant Lewis, a Pittsburgh native across the locker room, was a good bowler. "Is he? I'll have to talk to him, challenge him maybe," Albert said. I asked Albert if he thought he could take Lewis. "Yeah, I think so," he said, the most confidently of anything he had said all interview.

I made my way to the other side of the room for another purpose, and mentioned to Lewis that Albert bowls -- oh, and that he said he thought he could take him.

"We'll see," Lewis said, accepting the challenge. He recalled his bowling feats of two years ago when he got like four out of five strikes and on for the win, despite Jimmy Sharrow feeding him drinks.

Thursday night will be the trip to Jillian's, a place with lots of games including bowling. Myles Stoesz piped up at this point and said he made sure he brought his Jillian's card with him for the trip. This comment is particularly funny when compared to what he told me the day before -- that packing in a hurry, he didn't bring enough shirts to last all week. You can see what's important here.

Later I was standing by the stick rack, and Chad Denny came by. To make conversation, I asked him if he brought his Jillian's card. He said he didn't, but when told that Stoeszer did, Denny said, "He would though."

For the record, my money is on Albert in the contest. He seems to take his bowling very seriously.

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J.K. Sockey said...

Did you mention to Chad Denny what really happened to his hockey bag?

As somebody who is not allowed back to the practive facility, I really appreciate you taking the time to not only cover the drills on the ice, but to capture the off the rink stuff as well. However, I am disappointed you didn't work any 'ball' jokes into this post.