Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prospects camp review done

Finally done. I can reward myself by going to see Batman tonight.

A few notes on it. Like all things revolving around prospects, watching this camp requires a lot of patience. It's tedious, and it's work, there's no getting around that. But if you watch closely, you can pick out strengths and weaknesses. Of course you have to factor in everyone's age and experience level while you're watching though. Someone beating a pro guy is more impressive than beating an invitee for example. I didn't watch the pro guys in particular, since I know what they can do in games. But they were very good measuring sticks against the other players. Likewise I also didn't talk to the pro guys unless I had a summer-related question. It just seems like a better use of time to talk to them at fall camp or with their teams.

All Thrasher fans will find what John Anderson said about fall camp to be interesting, both about making everyone feel welcome and the team-building plans. North Dakota fans may find Mike Forney's comments interesting.

During camp I noticed a verbal oddity of Anderson -- he'll begin his answers with "Yeah, no..." Hmm. How do you quote that? What does it mean? I decided to just drop it from the quotes. I do prefer it to Bob Hartley saying "like" every fifth word though.

Marriage was certainly going around strong among the prospects, as in addition to those mentioned, Kaip, Turple, and Stoesz, another unnamed player said to me "I may be next" and I think he wasn't kidding.

Next up will be a new Top 20 ranking, adding in the new draftees.

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