Sunday, July 6, 2008

AHL free agents

By popular inquiry, here's a list of players who mostly played in the AHL last year who are currently free agents. It's not comprehensive, just ones I'm familiar with who are worthwhile. Those who have already signed with new NHL teams or European teams (credibly) are of course excluded.

Players with Thrasher ties:
Jason Krog
Darren Haydar
Jesse Schultz
Kevin Doell
Joe DiPenta
Karl Stewart
Colton Fretter
Kyle Wanvig

Justin Mapletoft
Trevor Byrne
Jordan Sigalet, G
Jeff Jillson
Rob Globke
Brent Krahn, G
Darryl Bootland
Junior Lessard
Andy Wosniewski
Ryan Donally
Tyler Weiman, G
John Vigilante
Scott Munroe, G
JS Aubin, G
Mike Weaver (played in the NHL last year, but sparingly)


Brent said...

What about Jonny Awe?

Europe-bound, after all?

Holly Gunning said...

That would seem likely. Lots of leagues have two-player caps on imports, so better get in soon.