Monday, November 10, 2008

Albert Q&A done and more

FYI, my Q&A with Albert is up at HF. The conversation was a little bit scattered, so I thought it would read best as a Q&A.

Soon I'll have what we're calling a "system audit," that goes over each position in the prospect pool. I waited to do it until after seeing Leveille and Albert in game action. At the same time, I'm chairing the Organizational Rankings Committee, which is probably the most important thing I do all year. If there are mistakes in it, it's my fault, so I'm going to make very sure that there aren't. That takes top priority. Oh and I have jury duty next week, which could cut into things. Yay.

Michael Farber recently came out with his 2008 Stealth List -- "five people in hockey whom you barely know but who truly make a difference." I pointed to it last year, and it's good again this time.
1. Patrick Sharp
2. Tim Burke
3. Barry Trotz
4. Alexander Burrows
5. Roland Melanson

Burrows, and guys like him, are why I go to ECHL games. Burrows played in the league and didn't stick out, yet he's now got himself an NHL career. At any given ECHL game, there's probably one guy who will go on to play in the NHL. It's just up to you to figure out which one.

In non-hockey news, the best thing I heard all day is that DHL is shutting down in the US. This financial crisis has a silver lining in putting a horrible company out of business. The driver who used to deliver to my office continually parked in handicapped spots and was a sociopath. Good riddance.

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