Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marks on the hockey side of Augusta's troubles

I didn't intend to get involved with this story. I intended just to get a complete update on Tampa Bay's prospects in case they were sent to another team in the ECHL if Augusta folded. But when I went into John Marks' office last night after the game, he also wanted to talk about the team's precarious situation, so I listened.

Oddly, he didn't address his team after the game, he invited me into his office straight from the ice. What is there to say to them right now though, really?

I've known Marksie a long time. Not well, but a long time, about seven years I guess. I remember him in the glory days in Greenville, when the Thrashers sent guys there.

I put the transcript of what he said up at Hockey's Future. It's not the type of story we normally do, but since they are a Tampa affiliate and the economy's effect on sports is a hot topic, I think it works.

Marks also had some interesting responses about the Esner/Fuller trade with Gwinnett. I'll put them in a separate post, probably later today.

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