Monday, November 3, 2008

How to get all your work done by the start of the second period

Tonight I went to the Gladiators/Everblades game to talk to James DeLory, their rookie enforcer who is under contract with the Panthers. He didn't come out for warm-ups though, which caused me to utter something we'll abbreviate as "#%*!@^$."

Since he wasn't in the line-up, I didn't get to see him play, or get a photo in uniform for his profile, but I managed to get a good interview and -- bonus -- cut out early.

Steps involved:
1. Go up to press box for reconnaissance. You can see the entire bowl from there, so I figured I could spot my subject in my binoculars.
2. Ask Everblades broadcaster if DeLory was going to join him on air. No, good. Get current description of player from broadcaster. He has a mohawk-type deal going on -- good info.
3. Spot copse of suits in Florida end as game begins. Head to the section.
4. Approach faux hawk guy and ask if he's DeLory. Bingo. Would he be able to talk now or at intermission? He has to keep stats during game, so he says to meet downstairs during intermission. Take photo of him working. Wait for him to stop smiling first.

5. Do interview (real nice guy), then pick up belonging in press box and get on elevator down as puck drops on second period. Done.

By the way, some of what he said will be of interest to Thrasher fans. I hope to have the article together tomorrow. I'll provide the link when it's done.

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Josh said...

Who is your all-time favorite enforcer, as a character off the ice, Miss Gunning?