Saturday, November 29, 2008

Augusta on the brink of folding

I will be driving to Augusta tomorrow to report on Tampa prospects, since the Lynx are precariously close to folding and who knows where those prospects will go if they do. If Lehman Brothers can fold, the ECHL Augusta Lynx surely can too. From the Augusta Chronicle,

Next Lynx game could be their last

Augusta Lynx co-owners Dan Troutman and Jan Hodges Burch didn’t hide from their fan base on Friday afternoon when they held a news conference to discuss the future of Augusta’s minor league hockey team.

Tonight, the Lynx owners are hoping the team’s fans won’t hide from them when Augusta takes on Charlotte at 7 at James Brown Arena. Troutman said the team will fold if an investor or partner isn’t found “in a matter of days.” After tonight’s game, the Lynx aren’t schedule to play at home again until Dec. 16.



werewolverine said...

The Augusta Chronicle says:

This completely blows. And not in the least because Gwinnett traded Bryan Esner to that black hole of an organ-eye-zation just when he was starting to find his scoring touch.

How can this team be so insolvent? They've played nothing but weekend games at home since the season began...were those snazzy new uniforms THAT expensive?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all SEVEN games were on the weekend & two of those were on Sunday. Around here Fridays are football and Sunday is church.