Friday, November 7, 2008

OSU vs. MSU, part 1

Looking for Jeff Lerg. (That's a short goalie joke).

Here's Thrashers first rounder Daultan Leveille on a face-off. He look fine. Once he gets a lot stronger on the puck and reads the play perfectly, he'll be a lot more effective. His skating is so effortless. It doesn't seem like he's trying that hard, and suddenly he's at his destination. MSU was shutout tonight. Leveille had two shots and was -2.

I don't have a shot of John Albert yet, but he played really well. He was money on faceoffs, first of all, won several cleanly back to his D. He quarterbacked the power play. Very patient with the puck. Made some great passes, though once or twice I thought he should just shoot and get the rebound. Good read of the play though.

I assume they put the band behind the opposing goalie on purpose to distract him.

The OSU band played the national anthem just the way I like it -- up-tempo and strong on the cymbal. I think that song should always have a cymbal part, and I add my own when there isn't one. Really.

You'll note the stands aren't very full. A security person I talked to said that when Michigan and Michigan State come to town, it's more full than usual -- 3000 instead of the usual 250. That's not a typo. One particular attendant to note, a Blue Jackets scout.

The band came onto the ice at intermission.

The drum major actually twirled the baton. I've never seen that. He was a real ham.

Band meets Zamboni. A near miss.

OSU's goaltender Dustin Carlson. He struck me as more than a little nutty. Even for a goalie. Look at those crazy eyes.


Larissa said...

Your caption for the first photo says "Looking for Bryan Lerg. (That's a short goalie joke)."

I think you meant Jeff Lerg. Bryan is playing with the Springfield Falcons of the AHL; Jeff is the goaltender in his senior year at MSU.

Holly Gunning said...

Indeed. I tend to learn and remember the guys who are owned by NHL teams, and those are the names that stick in my head.