Sunday, November 2, 2008

Burke may not approve of Bogosian staying

Anaheim GM Brian Burke has something to say about everything. The topic of 18-year-old defensemen playing in the NHL is no exception.

“I worry about some of these kids," he said. "The number of drafts from '08 that are playing in the league I’m not sure how many of them are ready. I think Drew Doughty (LA) is clearly ready and he’s playing extremely well, Luke Schenn (TOR) appears to be fitting in but some of the other guys -- [Steve] Stamkos you knew was gonna be there -- but some of these other kids appear to be finding their way still so I think you’ve got to be careful rushing especially defensemen. If you rush them, sometimes you can ruin them so I’m not sure it’s wise to have as many guys in the NHL right out of their draft year as you do this year.”

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