Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chad Denny, Juice Boy

Below is Mike Hamilton, in a yellow helmet indicating that he was Juice Boy from last week. The team has a weekly shootout contest at practices, the loser of which has to wear the yellow helmet and pass out drinks in the locker room afterwards. It's not like the Tour de France where yellow means you're doing well.

As soon as Hamilton made his shot today, he tossed the helmet into the middle to get rid of it.

Myles Stoesz and Derek Nesbitt were two of the first to make their shots, so they got to take a seat. The last four left were captain Mike Vigilante, Andy Brandt, Chad Denny and Jeff Mason. There's lots of swearing involved when it gets down to the end.

And here he is, Juice Boy for the week -- Chad Denny. The helmet is a little small on him.

Denny described the contest this way: “The last man standing is Juice Boy and you get to wear a nice old yellow helmet.”

As he handed out cups of Gatorade in the locker room sans helmet, I asked didn't he have to leave it on longer? He said he didn't know, it's his first time. "It's my first time," the nearby Nesbitt repeated. "Juice Boy virgin."

After practice, the players painted Christmas ornaments that will be auctioned for charity. JMo examines his brush.

Turps watches as Stoesz opens a tube of paint. The little blue cups are the same type that juice is served in.

Look at that concentration.

Juice Boy paints his ornament in a NY Yankees cap.

In more serious news, expect a transaction within the system in the next day that will change the Gladiators lineup.

Defenseman Jimmy Jackson skated at practice, but he's still several weeks away with his shoulder. In fact, if he doesn't heal up in a couple weeks, he may need surgery.

Edit to add: my Q&A with Stoesz is now up.

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