Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Not OT, not tonight!

7pm starts for games in a city with sprawl and traffic like Atlanta are insane. However, they do normally get you home quicker, something I was counting on tonight since my absolutely favorite show was on and I forgot to record it. Yeah that didn't work out so well.

What's the show? Project Runway on Bravo. It's a reality show for upcoming fashion designers, and it's really well done. I have everyone in my office watching it, men and women, and the past two seasons I've run a pool to pick the winner. My pick this year is Christian, a high-risk, high-reward contestant. He's excessively overconfident, but it's so over the top as to be entertaining and charming. Here he is.

Last Christmas I had my dad watch the show, and he liked it too. It's just good TV. And I normally don't even watch TV. Despite the Thrashers going into the shootout tonight, I got to see the new episode, thanks to the 11pm re-airing. Christian survived, so I'm still alive in the pool.

All of which brings me favorite blog, Project RunGay, by Tom and Lorenzo, "two fabulously glamorous fags ripping the show they L-O-V-E to watch." They do a great job being entertaining. I didn't realize until tonight that I have kind of used their blog as a model. They often put up screen shots from the show and then analyze with funny comments (here's an example on the topic of the collection of Michael Knight, an Atlantan, from last year). I've been doing that with photos, though I don't claim to be as funny as them. Some things I catch are just funny themselves though. It's not why I started taking photos, but it has worked out that way (the actual reason was due to a HF site upgrade that begs a photo). Their blog is also really informative about the show and its designers at the same time.

A wise person once told me, write the book/article/blog you want to read. And that's what I do. Thanks for stopping by.

Note: in a day or two, an update on Thrashers junior prospects will be up on HF. I've gathered all the info, just need to put it together.


Anonymous said...

So, what was up with Kovy's white tape on his socks? Same for a few others who either had strips of black of white tape instead of the transparent one, I assume.

What next? USPS tape like you see in beer leagues?

Holly Gunning said...

I have no idea. Maybe they ran out of clear? It wouldn't be because of changing the luck, unless they started doing it a few games ago.