Thursday, December 6, 2007

Everblades and Waddell watching

He might have skipped Thrashers practice today, but GM/coach Don Waddell, already doing two jobs at once, showed up to check out the young 'uns at the Gwinnett Gladiators game tonight. I passed him by the loading docks after warmups and kidded him about how he has time to come to these games. Surely he has staff who can go and give reports, right?

But, on the other hand, the arena is directly on his way home in the evening, so he doesn't have to really veer off the path, just put in a little time. He took in the first period and I didn't see him after that. Which Thrasher properties did he get to see? Myles Stoesz and Chad Denny (making his return from a concussion). Dan Turple backed up.

Below are a few shots from the game. First, a Florida Everblade beating his head on his stick when the anthem dragged on.

Kirk MacDonald and Brandon Roach.

Myles Stoesz at the red line in warmups. I had never interviewed him before tonight, so I wasn't sure what I'd get, but he was really interesting to talk to. I can already think of five more questions I want to ask him. I went in with a bunch of questions, but if I didn't get much out of it, I was just going to put it into a general ECHL update. But it was definitely fruitful enough for a full transcript in one form or another.

Chad Denny coming off the ice with partner Dinos Stamoulis. Denny played well tonight. Coach Jeff Pyle said afterwards that he's going to get him some 5 on 3 time. Guys have to earn their PP time. Plus his slap shot is so much that if things go wrong, they go really wrong.

Denny with the puck.

Turple has always taken off all his equipment between periods, but now he's spending part of the intermission out on the bench. Odd, but he's playing well so what can you say?

Maybe he wanted to catch the always entertaining musical stools.

Booyah! says the guy in the navy shirt.

As he continues to talk smack to his opponent.

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