Monday, December 31, 2007

Thanks for a new monthly traffic record

September started off with a real bang, with lots of friends and family checking the blog to see how their favorite player was doing in camp and where he ended up. It was tough to match that traffic for a while, but December beat it out in unique visitors, even despite a dip for the holidays.

Prospects are a niche topic within a niche sport, so I wasn't sure how much traffic to expect when I started this, but it's been pleasantly surprising. There are a few searchers from random countries looking for "gladiator photos" and I think they want the Roman ones. But most everyone else seems to be here intentionally.

I've written more than I expected to, and on a wider variety of topics than I expected. I'm interested in prospects generally, and I think it gives a better perspective on the lay of the land. Including a bit of that seems to work, or at least not interfere, as people tend to read the blog piecemeal anyway.

The most popular post this month was one that was actually written last month, about a guy I decided not to even talk to. And I spent more time weeding through the photos of him than writing the post - go figure. But thank you, AJ Thelen. The second most popular post was "Chad Denny, Juice Boy," especially after it was discovered by fans of his old junior team. I can't recreate that every day though, I'm sorry.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has stopped in. I hope you found what you were looking for, or were at least entertained while you were looking.

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