Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 draft: Brothers available on Day 2

Bloodlines not only make good human interest stories, they also add some certainty to what kind of player someone is. There are several younger brothers of NHL players or former top picks still available in the 2008 entry draft.

David Toews, brother of Jonathan (CHI).
Joonas Rask, brother of Tuukka (BOS).
Jared Staal, brother of Eric, Marc, and Jordan.
Mark Olver, brother of Darin (formerly NYR)
Nik Pokulok, brother of Sasha (WAS)
Ian Schultz, brother of Jeff (WAS)
Michael Pelech, brother of Matt (Calgary first rounder)
Brian Lashoff, brother of Matt (BOS)

Thomas Frazee is not related to Jeff as far as I can tell, which actually raises his stock in my book.

If Brian Lashoff is anything like his brother, who is also a defenseman, he'd be a good pickup. Here's an article on him from November. Matt Lashoff played with Boris Valabik in Kitchener back in the day.

David Carle, brother of Matt (SJ) was just discovered to have a heart condition and will have to retire from hockey.

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Brent said...

Pick the Staal kid!

Every franchise should have at least one.