Friday, June 13, 2008

Waddell likely meeting Sullivan in Florida

The St. Pete Times said today that Mike Sullivan is going to meet with Don Waddell about the Thrashers head coaching job. It's far from the first time Sullivan's name has come up though. It first came up right when Bob Hartley was fired in October, then was brought up again a few weeks ago by the Boston Globe. I mentioned it here at the time.

With Todd McLellan taking another post, the amount of time before the draft and the start of free agency is becoming an issue. Because of that, I think it's very likely that Waddell flew quickly to the Tampa area to meet with Sullivan instead of bringing him to Atlanta. Especially when you consider that Waddell owns a cottage in the St. Petersburg area (Madeira Beach). You'll recall the story about daughter Chelsea's parasailing scare several years ago. Waddell and Sullivan can meet very privately at the cottage, and be more flexible with the timing of the meetings. Sullivan would have little need to check out the facilities in Atlanta in order to make his decision, as he's already been to both the arena and practice facility with the Lightning.


Steve said...

What do you think about Anderson's chances as becoming head coach? Also, nobody has mentioned him, but Bill Peters from Spokane of the WHL? Spokane won the Memorial Cup over Kitchener, and Deboer coached Kitchener who is now the coach of the Florida Panthers? What do you think?
I heard that Waddell and owners are leaning more toward NHL experienced coaches. What a shame! I think that some of these minor league coaches can do the job too.

Holly Gunning said...

I think Anderson's chances are low, mostly because if they wanted him, they could have had him mid-season with no problem. It looks a lot like a courtesy, doesn't it?

I like him as a person though. He's professional and funny. He's honest in a slightly cagey way, which is fine. I've never heard a bad word about him personally. I would prefer to deal with him than lots of other coaches.