Friday, June 20, 2008

2008 draft: Late bloomers?

There are a number of players who are ranked by scouting services who have been passed over in last year's draft, or in a few cases, both 2006 and 2007. They are the late bloomers.

Here's a list of them, with their birthdays. Tikhonov is expected to go fairly high, maybe the second round.

Viktor Tikhonov 5/12/88 (3rd year eligible)
Kristofer Berglund 8/12/88 (3rd year eligible)
Zack Fenwick 5/19/89
Colin Long 6/19/89
David Ullstrom 4/22/089
Eric Doyle 4/5/89
Steven Quailer 8/5/89
Brodie Reid 8/25/89
Maxim Mamin 5/17/88 (3rd year eligible)
Louke Oakley 4/7/89
Tomi Sallinen 2/11/89
Nicholas Tremblay 4/5/88 (3rd year eligible)
Brent Regner 5/17/89
Tyler Gron 9/7/89
Mark Borowiecki 7/12/89
Anton Korolev 1/26/88 (3rd year eligible)
Jack Connolly 8/15/89
Sam Klassen 1/1/89
Craig Smith 9/5/89
Sebastien Erixon 9/12/89
Mike Murphy 1/15/89

Other players who are in their first year eligible but have been described as late bloomers are Zac Dalpe, Jared Staal and Nicholas Deschamps.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think many teams would want to draft Maxim Mamin after that whole steroids incident.