Sunday, June 15, 2008

Calder Cup wrap-up done

Last night I finished an article on the key prospects in both the AHL and ECHL finals. You can read it here. One point in there that could get lost, but is important: the Thrashers hope to retain Joel Kwiatkowski next season. There was some talk of him going to Russia, but I'm hearing he'll be offered another NHL deal, so it could entice him to stay. He was a very important influence on the Wolves, and a good guy to have available for call-up with all of his experience.

During the finals I mentioned that Wilkes-Barre had some points about the Wolves written on their locker room white board. Here they are. As I said I think they are very accurate.
1. Front on most pt shots
2. Hold one D net front
3. D rim pucks most of the time
4. F's pull up when enter zone -> late men
5. 1-2-2

The last one must be the forecheck.

Normally after the Wolves season ends, I would write a review of the entire season of each of the prospects, but since it ended so close to the NHL draft -- our Superbowl -- it may not happen. I had a lot of material for it too. McCudden on how LaVallee needs to be better away from the puck, Ondrej Pavelec saying he thinks the brawl-fests with Rockford are stupid. But it would have to be done after the draft and that's probably too late. Gwinnett would be in there too: Myles Stoesz saying he would probably get a job at Best Buy or something this summer, anywhere that he can work on commission. He has a way with people. I'll find a way to use it all somehow. If I don't do a late review, maybe in the next Top 20 in August.

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Anonymous said...

In the Tradition of Chicago, LaVallee played behind career AHLERS with the exception of perhaps Little. In reference to his play-off points from last year verses this year, he tied Brian Little, for rookie goals in post season games last year. This year, in the final series, when he was promoted to the 2nd. line, he had 2 goals and 3 assists, averaging a point a game for the 5 games he played on an offensive line. The kid's versatility in his play was a real asset to the Wolves and will be to Atlanta as well. Can't wait to see more of him in Blueland.