Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thrashers draft preview done

I just wrapped up my draft preview over at Hockey's Future. I wrote it all in one day, which is unusual for me. But I knew what I was going to say so it wasn't too painful.

A couple things I cut out because they were a bit of a tangent:

1. If the Thrashers do pick a goaltender (late in the draft), hedging bets in case hockey nets get bigger in the future wouldn't be a bad plan. Tall goaltenders could become a necessity.

2. Most Europeans aren't developed enough within two years to make the NHL and they generally don’t want to play in the minor leagues. Pulling players over to North America at age 20 has caused tension with European countries, and was part of what led to them pulling out of the IIHF agreement. There really do need to be different rules for Europeans, regardless of what the Canadian junior leagues want.

3. Both Thrashers picks in the first round follow a Los Angeles pick.

As far as the mock draft pick goes, I wanted Swedish defenseman Erik Karlsson at No. 29, but our LA writer took him just ahead of me at 28. In real life, he's unlikely to last that long.

I get the feeling that the No. 29 pick is on the market though.


Steve said...

Why would we want to pick another goalie? Hedberg was just signed; there are rumors that Lehtonen or Pavelec is going to be offered in a possible trade. I know we have another goalie prospect in the system below Pavelec who, it is said, is making good progress, but is not NHL ready.

I agree that I think that Waddell is going to offer the 29th pick in a trade too.

Who do you like to be the next coach? What is your wish list for a center or a defenseman?

Steve said...

You mentioned that Vinny Saponari is the 1st prospect from Georgia.

Not true, there is a guy on Anaheim Ducks' roster named Mark Mowers. He is from Decatur, Georgia. He may not have played here or been here his whole life or been a product of playing in Georgia since the Thrashers have been here, but he is from Decatur, Georgia.

Mutton said...

Thanks for the draft preview; Id been waiting to read it, and I wasnt disappointed.

I sorta feel like that #29 pick is being shopped too. What all packages could you see being made for it?

Ive heard some rumbling that Moose/Kari/Pavs could be part of a deal with a team that needs a goalie, a Thrash prospect, and maybe a player (Dman?) to get Kovy his center. But then Ive also heard that Vinny Lecavalier in Tampa is probably not gonna return seeing as how Stamkos is probably gonna be taking the reigns, so that COULD, but probably wont, mean that we could go after Vinny to play alongside Kovy. Thatd be some mean size for a top line, although monetary considerations prevent me from getting too excited to see it happen.

I read your blog posts about 85% of the time but usually dont post a response, and I just want to say thanks for putting the time and effort in. I can only say I know anything about our Wolves & Glads prospects because of reading your blog. Thanks for all you do. Oh, and the pictures are priceless. Valabik's mustache made him look like a Western Marshall. And the Cyclone sliding on his head was exactly priceless.

Thanks again,


Holly Gunning said...

Mowers was BORN in Georgia, as was a goalie, Jean-Marc Pelletier, but neither grew up here or played their formative hockey here. I should have differentiated this, yes.

Holly Gunning said...

You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many goaltenders. The Thrashers have fewer options in the system than other teams. Restocking the pipeline is necessary to have depth.

Holly Gunning said...

I would think that with the 29th the team could get some defensive help, possibly by taking on some salary.