Friday, June 13, 2008

HF will provide video from the draft

As you may have heard, next weekend is the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. It's always a big day on the internet as fans of all 30 teams scramble to Google the names of players to see what they can find out on them. For the more obscure players in particular, they end up at Hockey's Future. We're happy to help.

This year, we will have something more -- video clips from the draft.

The "Voice of Hockey's Future", Dustin Nielson, in conjunction with the good folks at Tangle Media, will be shooting video in Ottawa over the course of three days which will be posted at HF for your viewing pleasure. Some of this video will be shot before the draft, including a draft preview show. Video shot during the draft will include interviews with drafted players, NHL team personnel, and a few other hockey dignitaries of note. And there will be a post-draft wrap-up show, where Dustin and Co. will dissect the draft floor happenings from the two-day event.

The NHL doesn't hand out video rights like candy, so you won't find this many other places. I'll be interested myself to see what the team comes up with. Video doesn't Google very easily though, so you may have to manually check in to see what's available. I'll provide links if I can figure out how to do it.

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