Thursday, February 28, 2008

Armstrong and Christensen in Thrashers uniforms

I had my camera with me tonight so I took some photos of the newest Thrashers, Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen.

First, a couple from Islanders warm-up. Rick DiPietro is laughing in there somewhere.

Blake Comeau looked like he lost his dog. In ALL my shots of him.

In-game, Chris Thorburn aims for Comeau and they brace for impact.

Here's Comrie's goal being scored. You can see a little of what went wrong.

A later Islander celebration. No one reading the blog will notice how well-balanced this photo is, since it's for the wrong team.

Colby Armstrong is upset about being scored on, but thinks "damn that is a nice jumbotron." And it is. It's so good, sometimes you forget to switch back to real action. That's what Philips getting their name on the building brings.

Bryan Little is back and better than ever (which was pretty good to start with).

Another returnee, Joel Kwiatkowski.

OK, so here are the new guys. Erik Christensen first. He's got really big shoulder pads on, but also could probably stand to eat something, no?

In the faceoff circle.

Colby Armstrong forechecks.

And takes a faceoff.

And celebrates Klee's goal. Cheering for blue looked pretty natural.

Kovy gives him a little love back at the bench, with Recchi next in line.

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Johnny Sideburns said...

Watched this thrilling but ultimately depressing game on TV last night. Why we didn't make an attempt to sign Mike Comrie last off-season remains a mystery. It's not as though he's an unknown quantity at this point.