Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thrashers vs. Lightning 2-9-08

Just a few photos from last night's game. It wasn't on TV locally, so this is mostly for those who didn't get to see it. Some people made the trip downtown and still didn't get in -- it was standing room only.

They removed the 360 Replays rigging before the game because so many people complained. Five entire sections of ticket holders do matter. But shame on the arena and the company for thinking the way it was positioned was OK. They either only looked at the basketball sightlines or didn't care if it obstructed views.

First an intended hit gone terribly wrong.

Below is the no-goal. You can see the defenseman picking up the loose change. Even live you could tell it didn't go in, I have no idea what the ref thought he saw.

It was mullet night, with giveaways and a great video montage. This year they had some black-haired mullets as well as the brown-haired -- equal opportunity bad hair. Here's Tod, the third-period Guinness-chugger revving up the crowd in his mullet.

A funny melee in the crease. Holmqvist hopes the puck is underneath him.

Quote of the night, from the post-game show:
"If he scores a goal like that every night, everyone will be lined up at the Team Gear store to get their Alexei Zhitnik t-shirt" -- Jeff Odgers.

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